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Remarkable Readers

Tutoring & Instruction

Magge Jamerson Remarkable Readers Tutoring Program for Struggling Readers

Reading and math can be quite challenging for children. Especially if they have a learning difficulty. Here at Remarkable Readers, we will help your child learn math and love reading.

All our lessons are customizable for your child’s needs. We guarantee an improvement in reading and/or math skills within four to six months in eight weeks. You can trust our teachers to ensure that your child’s reading and/or math level will increase.

What makes us different?

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why we have experienced and certified teachers who will encourage your child to enjoy reading and math.

The team at Remarkable Readers is passionate about improving reading and math skills, and we bring this enthusiasm into our lessons and activities. We work with a wide range of students so your child won’t be alone.

Remarkable Readers Student

Our Reading & Math Programs

Remarkable Readers Student

Our classes are perfect for children who are struggling to read,  have difficulty understanding math strategies, have learning processing disorders, or have learning difficulties like dyslexia and ADHD. We follow their 504 plan and employ the individualized education plan (IEP) to ensure that we meet your child’s needs.

You can also choose between virtual or in-person classes. We will work closely with you and your child to determine the best learning environment for them.

The Research Behind Our "Why"

The National Assessment of Educational Progress or also called the Nation's Report Card, released its 2022 findings: our student’s math scores had the largest decline since 2005!

"Lower NAEP math scores are, per a Harvard study, correlated with higher likelihoods of incarceration, teen pregnancy and the use of food-stamp benefits and lower odds of owning a home, marriage and fulltime employment. In other words, they are a good predictor of overall success or misery." - From the New York Post 2023

"Research shows kids learn to read when they are able to identify letters or combinations of letters and connect those letters to sounds. If children can’t master phonics, they are more likely to struggle to read." - The Hechinger Report

How we can help

Private 1:1 Tutoring

Our private sessions offer 1:1 time with your teacher. This option is most helpful for students who are easily distracted or have multiple learning differences.

Small Group Classes

Our individualize small group sessions in reading and math have 6 students or less. This setting is best for students who need to learn social skills, classroom scenarios and peer relationships.

Reading & Math Testing

The assessments give you the exact learning level your child understands information compared to students in the same grade across the nation and a percentile ranking based on your state's standards. 

Connect with us!

For more information about our reading and classes, contact us today. We look forward to teaching your children how to read and learn math!

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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